We knew coming in that TCA’s largest junior tournament to date would pose plenty of challenges, but neither of us expected just how much of a grind the weekend would be.  It took two rain delays, a pair of 15-hour days, and unparalleled patience from all involved, but the tournament is officially in the books with every last draw completed!

tremendous thank you to all the players, parents, and coaches for their flexibility, understanding, and generally upbeat disposition in what was undoubtedly a very frustrating 48 hours.  Whether it was helping us track down players, rolling away puddles of rain, or keeping us apprised of open courts, we could not have done it without your cooperation and enthusiasm!  In addition, we must thank Cathie and Monica for standing beside us in the trenches and helping to temper the chaos when the action moved off the courts and into the clubhouse.  You were both perfect ambassadors for our club and we truly believe that the atmosphere throughout the tournament perfectly personified what TCA is all about!  In the same vein, a special thank you to our tournament officials, as well as our local volunteers who stepped in to help solely out of the goodness of their hearts.  You make this community truly special and we are so fortunate to have you.  Last but not least, a much-deserved thank you to our wonderful sponsors, many of whom came out to enjoy the action throughout the weekend.  With your partnership, we made this tournament a memorable one for reasons beyond just the weather!

Finally, listed below are the champions from each division, however you can find complete results at the tournament website: http://tennislink.usta.com/Tournaments/TournamentHome/Tournament.aspx?T=152423

Thank you again for everything!

Gui and Alex

TCA-L5-Junior 002

2014 TCA Junior Challenger L5 Champions

Boys’ 18 Singles: Michael Tran (Albuquerque)

Girls’ 18 Singles: Melissa Pick (Albuquerque)

Boys’ 16 Singles: Jaime Ramos (El Paso)

Girls’ 16 Singles: Carmen Corley (Sandia Park)

Boys’ 14 Singles: Sebastian Herrera (El Paso)

Girls’ 14  Singles: Haley Morrissey (El Paso)

Boys’ 12 Singles: Neil Katzman (Albuquerque)

Girls’ 12 Singles: Cienna Chavez (Albuquerque)

Boys’ 10 Singles: Carlos De Leon (El Paso)

Girls’ 10 Singles: Alissa Ortiz (El Paso)

Boys’ 18 Doubles: Michael Tran (Albuquerque)/Dane Paulsen (Sandia Park)

Boys’ 16 Doubles: Malachi Coleman (Los Ranchos)/Sean Gabaldon (Rio Rancho)

Girls’ 16 Doubles: Abigail Nielsen (Albuquerque)/Alexandra Ochotorena (Albuquerque)

Boys’ 14 Doubles: Ethan Katz (El Paso)/Abraham Yohannes (Albuquerque)

Girls’ 14 Doubles: Carmen Corley (Sandia Park)/Ivana Corley (Sandia Park)

Boys’ 12 Doubles: Jordan Katz (El Paso)/Neil Katzman (Albuquerque)

Girls’ 12 Doubles: Naomi Katz (El Paso)/Cienna Chavez (Albuquerque)