Club Renovation Projects

Exciting Tennis and Pickleball Court Renovations!

TCA is currently at work on a large-scale project to demolish and rebuild four courts in the northwest corner of our club that have deteriorated to the point of being unplayable.

The courts in question were constructed in the 1970s, when a 100 foot-wide portion of land on the northwest corner of our club was raised several feet with sub-standard filler so that two additional narrow tennis courts could be added side by side to accommodate members. Unfortunately, over the last half-century, the poor construction of these 50-foot-wide courts (unusable for USTA sanctioned events or even casual doubles play) has resulted in massive heaving and cracking of the court surfaces.

Over the last two years, TCA’s Board of Directors and Staff have worked jointly on a solution to these problems. Our plan is to completely remove the affected court surfaces and sub-optimal filler, and replace them with two beautiful, new, 60-foot wide tennis courts alongside 4 equally beautiful and new 36-foot-wide pickleball courts with a four-foot walkway in between.

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Why do we need this renovation?

TCA is home to a large and dedicated group of tennis players who use our courts for everything from adult and junior development programs, to adult drop-in play, to friendly match play, to competitive USTA league and tournament play. Our courts are jam-packed every weeknight and weekend, and our five front courts are also full almost every weekday morning. We currently host two USTA sanctioned tournaments a year: The L5 TCA Jr. Challenger and the L4 Duke City Open for adults. We also host a massive number of USTA league teams each year (in 2023, TCA had 48 USTA teams captained out of our club). Finally, in the interest of our community, we open our doors to the Albuquerque High School and Jefferson Middle School tennis teams for in-season practices.

All of this tennis puts a huge strain on our court availability. We currently have only 9 usable courts to accommodate USTA leagues, tournaments, member drop-in play, and our teaching staff’s busy schedule. It is evident to TCA’s Staff and Board of Directors that our club’s ability to maintain its membership is dependent on the expansion and improvement of our existing facilities.

The renovation we are undertaking would make better use of the available space on the northwest end of our club, giving us two additional tennis courts to use during busy times. In addition, renovating the existing pickleball courts would allow TCA to offer pickleball memberships at a similar rate to tennis memberships. We believe that we could attract a significant amount of pickleball members to the club in the first year after reconstruction. This would increase TCA’s monthly income, allowing us to more easily maintain our facilities. Essentially, new pickleball memberships could contribute to any future court resurfacing.

Ultimately, this project will allow us to increase our tennis and pickleball offerings and monthly income while helping to alleviate court crunches during busy times at the club.

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