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The Tennis Club of Albuquerque is the foremost member-owned tennis facility in our city, offering a wide array of tennis, swim and social programs in an inclusive, family-friendly environment.

At TCA, we take great pride in serving the Albuquerque community with accessible, affordable tennis and swim instruction. We partner with the local branch of the USTA (United States Tennis Association) to offer adult league play as well as host adult and junior tournaments through our club. Our tennis staff offers year-round adult and junior tennis clinics for all experience levels. Every summer, TCA is home to one of the most successful junior swim teams in the city. When our pool is not being used for practices, we open the lanes to our membership for lap swim or just for a place to escape the heat. On many holidays (or just random weekend nights!) TCA opens its doors to members and guests for social events complete with food, drinks, and music.

We would love to tell you that doing all of this is easy, but the truth is, sometimes TCA needs a little help. Our facilities (like many of us) are getting older, and require regular upkeep. And some of the costs associated with that upkeep can be pretty startling. For example, TCA spent roughly $50,000 on new pool heaters in 2023!

We are always doing our best to undertake as many facility improvements as we reasonably can, in order to keep our club in the best possible shape, so that we can best serve our membership. But, as we also strive to keep membership costs down in a turbulent economy, sometimes we find ourselves a few dollars short of what we need for our next project.

That’s where you come in!

We appreciate every bit of funding that we can get to help keep TCA looking and functioning great. Every dollar helps, but if you aren’t in a position to donate now, don’t worry! We take smiles and support, too.

*TCA is a 501-C7 designated non-profit. Therefore, any donations are unfortunately NOT tax deductible.

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