Happy Birthday, Tennis Club of Albuquerque!

Wow, congratulations on celebrating 60 years of “serving” the community! The time has flown by, but my memories of happy hours spent on the TCA courts are vivid. I had to write to share in this milestone because the TCA helped shape me as a successful tennis player, but more importantly, as an individual.

I have the fondest memories of starting my tennis career at the tender age of 6 (1968) by picking up a racket from the lost and found and hitting against the giant wall of the racquet ball building! Hour after hour I banged that ball until my dad recognized that I might have some talent and put me into the TCA junior programs. From there I became the #1 junior player in the Southwest and went on to win 3 National junior titles. In addition I was the #1 Singles player at UCLA and held #55 world ranking on the WTA tour all because of what I learned in Albuquerque and the influences of the members & coaches at the TCA.

The families that touched my life are so numerous. These people practiced with me, watched me, rooted for me and encouraged me through the years. I’m so very grateful. The Wheeler Family, Monique Thevenet, Betsy Bogdan, the Chavez family, the Garcia’s, Nancy and Carol Neeld, all the Palmissano’s, Ted & Julie Sanderson, The McCaffery’s, the Kjelgaard’s, Dwight Howard, Chuck, Ocho, Wes Jackson, David Getz, Dick Johnson, Sissy Kelly, Randall Clark, Sue Jollensten and countless others that truly helped lay a foundation for my tennis success. Thankfully, I am still in contact with many of these terrific folks and I count myself blessed to have them in my life.

Sadly, I haven’t been back to Albuquerque in many years, but my heart will continue to hold a special place for TCA, it’s members, staff and coaches.

Thank you TCA, for all you did for a little blond girl with big dreams! You helped make them all come true!!


Kathrin Keil-Sieberth