Happy 60th TCA!

Having grown up playing at the Tennis Club of Albuquerque and having been given a Junior Membership in the early 60’s (and placed on the Bancroft Free Racket List), I can say that Tennis AND the Tennis Club of Albuquerque have been very, very good to me! Lots of memories and lots of lifelong friends!

Thank you to the present membership for being so supportive of junior tennis in Albuquerque. I hope I have managed to honor the kindness shown to me growing up representing Albuquerque across the country. I have tried to pay it forward and help other young people in our state to have the opportunity to play tennis and feel supported by their community.


Sue Jollensten
Founder and President, NMYTF

PS – I have attached a page with scanned pictures from the past of myself and some other local players that were at TCA.