What a fantastic weekend for our swimmers and junior tennis players.  The TCA Torpedos took 2nd place in Sundance!  Not since 2013 have they done so and it was a great finish to a season of hard work and dedication by all swimmers…coaches and parents.  More to come from Coach Jimmy!  In the tennis world, our summer Junior Tennis Teams (JTT) brought their best games to the season ending district tournament.  TCA was represented with two 18’s teams.  The first coached by our fantastic senior assistant pro, Alex Mansfield, took top honors this weekend by defeating their opponent by only 1 point!  What a finale!  The team will be heading to Las Cruces for the southwest sectional championships the first weekend in August.  An equally great team of coaches, Liz Keefe and Becky Lee, coached TCA’s  second 18’s team.  These athletes played super well and improved each and every time they stepped onto the court.  Our 14’s team, also coached by Becky finished in 3rd place!  Finally, our 12’s team and developmental 10’s team, headed up by Amy Badger, were outstanding in every way.  For some it was a first taste of competition and everyone did a great job competing.  Thanks to super staff pro Joey Gorence for helping with our 12’s team and a terrific summer staff pro Lainey Korsan for assisting with the 10’s team.  To all the parents….we extend our gratefulness to you for your commitment to the club, to our coaches, staff and the TCA experience.  None of this can happen without you!

Most importantly, congratulations to all our athletes.  Whether it’s the early morning swim practices or heat of the day tennis matches, you commit, you care, and the results show.  Great job!