Family Fun Day at TCA

Pool Games at TCA on Family Fun Day


10:15 am – Mixed Doubles
1:15 pm – Men’s & Women’s Doubles
1:30 pm – Pool Fun for Kids
11am to 4 pm: Outdoor Grilling for ALL!

*Please sign-up NO LATER THAN 15 minutes before each event – for draw purposes.

nOhA7dUB (1)Introducing Our New Playsight Technology!

As part of our Labor Day Family Fun Day, we will be offering free 15-minute, one-on-one sessions to members throughout the course of the day!  This is your chance to take your favorite shot (or least favorite) and look at it under the microscope, with the help of cutting edge technology and your favorite staff pros – it’s a can’t miss opportunity!

Sign up sheet will be at the front desk on Monday when you arrive.