HAPPY 2017!

Priorities for 2016 began in February with job descriptions for all TCA staff and pros. I met individually with each member of our “team” and it soon became clear that we were experiencing an overlap of job duties. Reorganization was needed now that we have Liz as our Manager and Monica as our Assistant Manager. The Board also recommended that we review the budget and accounting. It was determined at that time that we would lead with revenue until TCA was in a strong financial position and all new spending and the borrowing of monies would be postponed.

APRIL: Joe Behrends’ contract for the Annex lease was extended to January 1, 2018. Also, the Board viewed Patrick Bridges’ video on duties as TCA Board members. I would strongly urge that all future Board members view this video presentation.

MAY: Gui and Alex made our Club proud as they played the Make-A-Wish 24-Hour Tennis Marathon. They donated over $11,000 to this wonderful charitable organization.

JUNE: Lori Anderson presented her recommendations for design solutions and color palettes which will be used for all future improvements. Her recommendations were unanimously approved.

JULY: TCA hosted our first district swim meet and it was a huge success. Anita Doornbos, her swim team and parent volunteers, along with Liz, Monica and Roger worked hard to insure that everything ran smoothly. Please note that our summer memberships brought in $66,000 of income for TCA. Plus, the conversion of summer members to full members helps TCA’s bottom line. The Board also discussed the Yoga Lease renewal and the NMYTF/NNMTA lease proposal. In October TCA signed the lease with NMYTF/NNMTA and we welcomed Sue Jollensten and her group.

SEPTEMBER: TCA celebrated its 60th Anniversary! Vintage cars, Bobby Box and our own Queen of Ceremonies, Carolyn Mahoric, made it a very special event. I want to thank my social/anniversary committee members Susan Hagemann, Roxy Guerra, Barb Chase, Amy Badger, Susan Bennett, Maggie Nielsen, Teri McMillan, Chuck Maguire, Becky Lee, Bobby Bull, Gregg Flynn and Perry De Grazio for all of your efforts!

OCTOBER: The Board studied TCA’s financial situation in depth. Due to increased revenue and our management staff’s efforts to control expenses we learned that our expenditures, in certain areas and regards, were below normal. Therefore, a vote was put forth to the voting Members asking for approval to take out a $150,000 loan to make specific improvements to TCA. A total of 78 ballots were cast and the measure was overwhelmingly approved, 73-5.

NOVEMBER: A Special Board Meeting was held in order to discuss ATAC Tennis Academy. Gui DuPont and Alex Mansfield presented to the Board a very detailed accounting of the ATAC program. The ATAC contract, along with Gui’s renewal of his Pro contract, were discussed, approved and signed.

DECEMBER: A Holiday Party was hosted by our Pros and everyone loved it! This party, along with a Children’s Party, was a gift to our Members as there was no charge for either event.

It has been my pleasure working with you as your President. I wish to thank Board members Ann Loose, Bobby Bull, Jon Roensch, Anita Doornsbos, Lee Sloan-Garcia, Becky Lee, Brian Bamman and Scott Shors for their efforts as well.

I would also like to extend a heartfelt “THANK YOU” to Liz, Monica, our fabulous Pro Staff, Roger and Amalia. You are what TCA is all about and I thank you for your hard work.

Sincerely Yours,

Jo Cook