Punk & Relic2Our Annual Punk & Relic Tournament will be held Sunday, August 11. Play will begin at 11 am and continue until about 3:30 pm. BBQ food on the grill for players and spectators to purchase.

What is Punk & Relic? It is our end of summer fun tennis day for Adults (Relics) and the Youngsters (Punks – High school age and below). Run by Ocho, you will play one set with no ad scoring for each match. This increases the number of rounds we play.

We also have: Quick Start Tennis – 5 to 10 year old beginners/advanced beginners may also participate with a relic. This format will be a short court and the punks don’t have to know how to serve; this will be a supervised event with Quick Start volunteers and sponge balls.

Sign-Up by Saturday, August 10, at 2:00 PM. If you are not able to find a punk or a relic to play with, please sign-up and the staff will try to find a partner for you.