TCA’s Tennis Ladder is designed to create good competition, and a high level of fun, while increasing our members’ skills and allowing them to meet other members. Our 18th annual FRIENDSHIP Singles Ladder will begin Monday, October 28 and run through the end of January 2014. There will be three levels of competition for men and women. The ladder will again be tied to the Singles Club Championship. The top eight players from each division will play in a Division-1, a Division-2 and a Division-3 Draw, Men and Women. There will also be 2 wild cards drawn from each division. If someone on the top 8 cannot play, we will take the next person on the ladder. The tournament will be scheduled late January or early February 2014. Due to the fact that the ladder will be tied to our Singles Club Championship Tournament, there will be a $15 fee to play the ladder, which includes the tournament fee if you qualify, prizes and food.