Huge congrats to a pair of TCA 18+ Adult League teams for punching their tickets to the USTA Southwest’s Sectional tournament, held August 8-10 in Phoenix, Arizona!  Andrew Barnes’ 3.5 men’s team and Amy Badger’s 5.0+ women’s team finished the season 14-0 and 4-1, respectively, earning their births as representatives of the USTA’s Northern New Mexico district.  Congrats again to all players involved on a great season, and we are sure you will represent TCA well on the Sectional stage and beyond!

In addition, a pair of TCA teams are headed to this weekend’s local playoff with the same hopes of advancing to Sectionals.  TCA’s 4.0 women (captain Sheri Nevins) and 4.5 men (captain Alex Mansfield) hit the courts against the other top teams from their respective divisions.  If you want to take in some of the action, the schedule is as follows:

–  4.0w TCA (Nevins) vs Jerry Cline (Kelly) 10 a.m. Saturday at Jerry Cline

If victorious, Sheri’s team will play in the finals 10 a.m. Sunday at Jerry Cline

–  4.5m TCA (Mansfield) vs Highpoint (Sims) 8 a.m. Sunday at Jerry Cline











Team Rosters:

3.5 Men

Andrew Barnes (captain)

Pat Sullivan

Lee Farris

Keith Castleberry

Jared Romero

Jason Segura

John Lytton

Jim Mackenzie

Hal Byrd

Mark Friedman

Dave Broudy

Rob Munro

Josh Bennett

Mark Nelson

Gregg Flynn


5.0+ Women

Amy Badger (captain)

Lori Robertson

Chloe Lee

Kelly Boersma

Louisa Mackenzie


4.0 Women

Sheri Nevins (captain)

Jo Cook

Dominique Dupont

Mary Womack

Tracy Henderson

Christy Miller

Liz Keefe

Erica McFarland

Debby Dils

Megan McMillan

Cathie Codie

Jennifer Pentecost

Sue Howard

Melissa Bokovoy

Julie Cook

Chanel Gilbert

Clare Donahue


4.5 Men

Alex Mansfield (captain)

Gui Dupont

Tony Heames

Nate Fox

Mark Baker

Mike Butler

Michael Atkin

Mike Rocca

Mike Cassady

Spencer Edelman

Matt Stratton

Aaron Sussman

David Grega